Virtual Commissioning with Emulate3D

Far from being a technical gimmick, virtual commissioning saves time and money, and improves software quality. For all control levels from PMES to PLC, software solutions assist our control engineering colleagues. 3D models offer realistic insights into the processes of machines and equipment, and help to detect errors.

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digital twin: who are you? and why?

Design phase often involves costly erring between unfinished drawings, incomplete tools and production plants under construction. The digital twin can point the way.

By Ingo Rosteck Topics: Simulation, Industrie 4.0

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Flexible emulation environment combines simulation and virtual commissioning

Large conveyor systems such as those used by DHL in its parcel centres are highly complex and generate a high volume of communications. Planning them and not testing them until the startup of the plants to see whether they are functioning and delivering the desired performance entails high cost risks and usually leads to enormous delays. Instead, DHL relies on the flexible emulation environment of EDAG PS, which uses process simulation to simulate a complete system during software development and replace step-by-step with real controls. This reduces costs, saves time and prevents unpleasant surprises.

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