Award-winning innovation: EDAG PS receives AEE Innovation Award for media-free lightweight gripper

It is already something really special to receive an award. Receiving the “Best innovation award” at the Automotive Engineering Expo 2017, which is particularly difficult to get hold of, requires a skillful view of the future. With the media-free lightweight gripper, the feat has been accomplished.

Author: Annkatrin Benz

One must have hit a nerve to assert oneself among 15 innovative ideas. This applies to the media-free lightweight gripper. The prototype development of the gripper, using only the force of the robot moving the gripper, without own motors, actuators or pneumatics (hence “media-free”), is a small revolution. The gripper is three times lighter than other grippers due to the fact that actuators are not used. This makes it possible to use considerably smaller robots that consume significantly less energy and space. The elimination of electrical actuators in particular saves a lot of weight and thus electricity, which is an important cost factor in the operation of grippers.

In addition, all essential parts of the gripper can be produced with a 3D printer. This not only simplifies production, but also the supply of spare parts, since they no longer have to be stocked. The gripper is also of modular design, so that parts can be easily replaced after a crash.a.jpg







The winner of the AEE Innovation Award 2017: The media-free lightweight gripper


These arguments also convinced the jury, which had to make a difficult decision. The other 14 exhibitors had also developed outstanding solutions, which could be seen at the AEE as "AEE Innovation Star 2017". Prof. Christoph Wagener, spokesman of the supplier advisory board, said: "All nominees meet at eye level when it comes to innovation.” The AEE Award should express our intention to create an award, which reflects our appreciation to the AEE exhibitors, whose pioneering developments are shaping the future of the industry ".



EDAG PS has shown at the AEE how great the innovative power of this traditional company is. The award is an outstanding acknowledgement of the ability to continuously optimize the production process of their customers and to think and develop completely new solutions.

Find more information about the media-free gripper innovation on our microsite (German only).



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