Engineering from the couch

The innovative "Couch Collaboration" concept premieres at this year's AEE, demonstrating the smart implementation of VR/AR technologies for time and resource-saving automotive engineering projects.

The soft side of Industry 4.0

In the era of virtual realities and reproductions of entire factory landscapes, work has become independent of a fixed location and, at the same time, independent of fixed working hours and time zones.

As a contender for this year's Innovation Award, we are running with a concept at the AEE that not only rides the "New York wave" but takes right to the top of the agenda "Networked tasks in automotive engineering projects" – from the couch.

A better work-life balance with no loss of efficiency

Our expert in planning methods, Dr. Frank Breitenbach, will give his talk under the slogan: sustainable, efficient, from the couch. What sounds strange is the culmination of horizontal networking in the factory, which forms its first nerve cell on the domestic couch.

Engineering from the sofa


This pioneering concept for product engineering combines VR and AR collaborations and can be implemented from the planning stage right up to maintenance operations. Using photorealistic 3D scans, the work environment is integrated into reality. The coupling of real control engineering with digital twinning with the cell can be carried out in real time. Easy on the nerves and easy on the pocket: on-site meetings can be reduced, for example.


Community instead of individuals

The advantages of collaborative work are obvious: by bringing together particular staff or the whole team, individual strengths can be harnessed and weaknesses counterbalanced, at the same time. Everyone can bring something to the table.

Click on the image to experience the VR / AT collaborationCollaborative work in engineering projects

With VR/AR applications, tasks can be carried out simultaneously or staggered, as a community. The new world of work will be virtual: EDAG PS has the solutions. Unfortunately, we can't take the place of the coffee machine as yet.

See for yourself.

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