Automatic assembly of pliable components

10 questions that anyone developing an assembly application for pliable parts needs to ask (part 1).

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UniSerienStandard®: Faster and significantly cheaper for optimal equipment

The cost pressure in the production of such complex products as automobiles forces manufacturers to rethink: They have to consider whether their standards and methods as well as their tools and equipment for production are still up-to-date.

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Tactile Robots: What the assembly in the factory of the future looks like

Nowadays, robots produce car bodies almost without human intervention. However, a lot of manual work is still required to assemble the interior. There are several hurdles to overcome for the assembly of plastic parts with robots: special sensor technology, complex programming and safety at work in human-robot collaboration. EDAG PS does a lot of research in this direction in order to be able to use tactile robots in assembly.

By Daniel Roth Topics: Tactile Robots, Assembly

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