Engineering from the couch

The innovative "Couch Collaboration" concept made its debut at this year's AEE and convinced visitors with the smart use of VR/AR technologies for time and resource-saving automotive engineering projects.

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AEE 2019: Be our guest!

The future of automotive body engineering is set to be mapped out at the AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING EXPO at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre on 4th - 5th June, 2019.

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A real highlight of 2018: The VR Paintshop

Painting in automobile production is expensive and not ecological. But a sophisticated paint job can turn a vehicle into an individual piece. EDAG PS seeks balance and combines sustainability, economy and design. Strap on the VR glasses and experience painting from a different perspective.

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digital twin: who are you? and why?

Design phase often involves costly erring between unfinished drawings, incomplete tools and production plants under construction. The digital twin can point the way.

By Ingo Rosteck Topics: Simulation, Industrie 4.0

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Predictive Maintenance - More than just a Dream!

Predictive maintenance is quite simply THE "Industrie 4.0" theme for the German market. In Germany, production in many sectors has become highly automated, and therefore provides the perfect basis für this promising technology. To avoid this being written off as an unsubstantiated assertion, here are a few references:

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I see something you don't see: Big Data

Solutions to get Big Data into production do not have to be expensive. But implementation requires the combined know-how of skilled workers and data specialists.

By Dr. Frank Breitenbach Topics: Industrie 4.0

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