UniSerienStandard®: Faster and significantly cheaper for optimal equipment

The cost pressure in the production of such complex products as automobiles forces manufacturers to rethink: They have to consider whether their standards and methods as well as their tools and equipment for production are still up-to-date. With the UniSerienStandard® from EDAG PS, there are now effective optimization possibilities.

Author: Sebastian Fey

For example, various tools and equipment are needed to shape metal sheets or to manufacture body parts. These must either be specially designed or obtained from a standard instrument set from the manufacturer. The advantage is that elements fit together and work perfectly together. Manufacturers can keep parts in stock and thus react quickly to changes in production. Therefore, anyone who develops tools and equipment for automobile manufacturers like EDAG PS must comply with these standards.

However, such a standard for tool development also has disadvantages. Many determinations, specifications and above all many special parts make tool development unnecessarily expensive and costly. If new parts have to be developed, it is necessary to design and document these accordingly. All this makes it difficult to save costs in this area without violating the manufacturers' standard specifications.



In many cases, of course, there are several solutions to produce certain parts. EDAG PS, as a partner of numerous automobile manufacturers, has therefore set itself the task of developing a standard that meets the pressure to save costs and react more quickly to production changes: the UniSerienStandard®.

The development and optimisation has taken about 10 years and inspires the customers who already use it. The aim of the development was to reduce the cost of the design of the equipment by modularisation and the avoidance of complex production parts, while at the same time significantly reducing the development and implementation time. In addition, the design and assembly of the equipment is carried out without any drawings, which saves time and money.


Equipment constructed in the EDAG PS UniSeriesStandard®.

Thanks to the modular design, many parts can be kept in stock, which saves time. In addition, we have designed the standard in a way that it has flexible connectivity options. All parts for tool development are "Made in Germany" and meet the high quality standards of our customers. The UniSerienStandard® equipment produces the same quality as OEM equipment, but at a significantly lower cost.


However, the biggest challenge for the well-engineered UniSerienStandard® is not of a technical kind: It is important to convince the customer to leave his established but too expensive paths and to switch to the technically equivalent but cheaper and much more flexible UniSerienStandard®.

In one of the first customer projects with the EDAG PS UniSeriesStandard®, the customer (whose name we are unfortunately not allowed to mention here) was sceptical at first, because he did not know the structure of the standard. The doubts quickly disappeared, however, because the customer could see from week to week how flexible and efficient the standard is. In the period from the purchase of the components to the finished equipment, he was really enthusiastic about the solution. After just a few weeks, he was able to analyze hardware components of the equipment and convince himself of the quality of the EDAG PS UniSeriesStandard®.

Once again this case shows that EDAG PS's special know-how lies not only in the design with the new standard, but also in the process of developing and assembling the equipment (keyword: „Drawing-free production").


If you want to achieve an advantage on your competitors through innovations, you have to leave the established paths and look for ways to realise the production of equipment and tools more cost-effectively, flexibly and quickly. With its modular UniSerienStandard®, EDAG PS has developed new processes and technologies that offer numerous advantages over established standards.

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